my name is

a l e x a n d r a

s o p h i a 

( you may call me al )

As an undergraduate student at the University of West Florida studying Mechanical Engineering, I took an elective in videography that, happily, helped navigate me to the career of my dreams.

As a child, I always loved the process of film creation, and, throughout college, I continued to fall in love with all types of media production. With this deepened enlightenment in media came an equivalent passion for marketing. As I earned my degree in Telecommunications & Film and a minor in Marketing Applications, I found myself increasingly interested in those who made company advertisements come to life, the individuals behind the companies that created the aesthetic and brand that captured the consumers’ eyes.

Working with BANGS Shoes soon gave me this opportunity. Starting out as a Brand Ambassador for their social media pages, I quickly became eager to do more with the company and began creating campaigns for brand recognition and consumer engagement. Thankfully, I was able to do this by forming a bond with a team that shared the same passion as me. Through the power of Instagram, we were able to create a platform that changed the brand of BANGS forever.


Following this experience at BANGS, my infatuation for film shifted to all things brand marketing and demographic analysis.

Creating content for companies to ensure optimum marketing, sales, and branding is my speciality. Let me be apart of your team and create success together.